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Painting Peregrine II



Ist Step - Peregrine II

1st step -- Peregrine II

I have blocked out the design
on my canvas which has been
underpainted in cadmium red
light. The design is complex so
I have used a grid to get it right.

2nd Step - Peregrine II

2nd step

I have further developed the
design - blocking in some light

3rd step - Peregrine II

3rd step

The complementary blue/orange
colour scheme is established
with some dark values creating

4th step - Peregrine II

4th step

I am developing the ship's lines
(ropes) which will create a focal
point with textural interest.

5th step - Peregrine II

5th step

The mid-tones of the deck are
laid in.

6th step - Peregrine II

6th step

The ship's lines are complete
and the background shapes suggested.

Final - Peregrine II


et voila!

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